Mount Sinai

The Sinai Mountains are a desolate and rugged mountain range in the Sinai peninsula of Egypt. Within that mountain range is one mountain that has been traditionally regarded as the Mount Sinai of the Bible where the Nation of Israel gathered after the Exodus and Moses received the Ten Commandments [Exodus 19-20; 34].

Mount Sinai stands some 7,497 feet above the small town of Saint Catherine in the valley below. It is not the tallest mountain in the range as several others are almost 1,000 feet higher (Mount Saint Catherine being the tallest at 8,625 feet).

The entire area is extremely arid and desolate; there is very little natural vegetation and the terrain is treacherous. Hiking up and down the mountain itself takes the better part of a day to complete.

Looking down on the city of Saint Catherine from the ascent of Mount Saint Catherine.
Mount Saint Catherine – the chapel at the summit is barely visible at the center peak at the top
Mount Sinai as seen from the summit of Mount Saint Catherine

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